Hello there,

My name is Esteban Soto and I'm a Level designer with a background as a Game Designer and Illustrator. There is nothing better than creating, reading articles, discussing and playing games within a team. It's what I have always strived to work with.


I have had my own company with a partner were we made and released Android apps for kids and I have worked as a QA Linguistic Tester in Dublin. Now I'm currently a second year Level Design student at The Game Assembly.




Malmö, Sweden

Currently Occupations:

Student at The Game Assembly - Level Design

Looking for internship 2016.09 - 2017.04



Released Projects

Bathing bob for Android phones and tablets (2012) Animation and art


Picture book Swedish animals App for Android phones and tablets (2012)

Art direction, Animations and art assets


3-in-1 Children's book and games (2012) App for Android phones and tablets

Programmed, Art direction, animations and art assets



Level Design The Game Assembly, 2014 - Ongoing,Malmö - Sweden (2 years, 30 weeks Intern )


Game Design and Graphics, Gotland university, 2008-2011 Visby, Sweden (3 years)


Comic and Illustration program, University of Gävle, Hofors, Sweden 2006-2008 University degree (2 years)


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